About Us


I have been involved with Basenjis since I purchased my first one (Oskar) in 1997.  Stephen joined me in 2002 and has taken to the breed as well.

I met my first Ibizan Hound in 1998 but it wasn't until 2014 that I finally added one to the family.

Our dogs are our 'kids', first and foremost. They are at their best lazing about the yard in the sunshine, playing chase or curled up on the couch (or in front of the fire in winter).


Our dogs are fed a mostly raw/natural diet, and their condition shows that it works for them.


If you have any questions regarding my dogs, or the breeds,  please contact us as enquiries are always welcome.



Contact Details

Christine Small
Timaru, NZ
Phone : 027 2411 924
Email : [email protected]